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Ginkgo Trees Give Off A Very Bad Odor

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Anyone following the tree saga in Santa Monica knows that the city plans to replace the felled ficus with ginkgo trees. But it turns out ginkgo trees smell really bad, according to the New Yorker, which has a profile of the Anti-Ginkgo Tolerance Group, an organization solely dedicated to spreading the word about these stinkers. While small in numbers, the group has a bold mission: "We are here to solve the problem of the Ginkgo tree commonly known as vomit trees. . . . The Ginkgo tree is widely known by most people but not by name. Walking down the street on a beautiful October evening your moment of tranquility is rudely demolished by the smell of old cheese and vomit." Why in the hell didn't the hippie Treesavers pull out that argument during all this? [New Yorker] UPDATE: OK, it seems that just the female trees emit the awful-smelling fruit and commenters are saying the females are rarely planted anymore.