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City Council President Garcetti Goes Green At Home

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We already know City Council President Eric Garcetti is pretty progressive and committed to environmentally-friendly public policy - more public parks, clean water, sustainable housing development. He even drives an electric car. So it's no surprise that Garcetti and his partner Amy Elaine Wakeland live in a simple 1950's post & beam in Echo Park that incorporates green design.

Via Dwell: "The house does have air-conditioning, but they maximized cross ventilation by installing windows on all sides. They installed a tankless water heater and solar paneling on the flat roof, which provides 50 percent of their energy; they laid bamboo flooring on the second level, built closet doors of recycled plastic, and constructed decks out of sustainable wood treated with nontoxic sealant. No-VOC Yolo paints were used throughout the house." What does surprise us is just how good the house looks. For some reason we find it comforting that our publicly elected officials recognize the importance of good design, danish coffee tables and flokati rugs. [All photos via Dwell]
Echo Logical [Dwell]