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Rumblings & Bumblings: Another Dirt Lot in Koreatown; Plus, Boards in Venice and A School?

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Thank you for giving us plenty to think about this week. Please feel free to email us at or leave a comment if you have an answer to these question. More questions welcome for next week.

1) Koreatown: A reader has a question about the construction site that isn't going anywhere. Has it stalled? "What (if anything, please) are they building across from the Wilshire/Vermont subway station? Right now, it's a depressing lot and pretty much the first thing you see after rising from the Earth—well, besides the Coffee Bean."

2) Vermonica: If it looks like school, and smells like a school... "What went up like gangbusters on Heliotrope (off Melrose, near the bicycle kitchen)? It's probably a school, but maybe something more thrilling? Please?" [pictured above]

3) Venice: Tear down those boards Michael Folonis! "What's up with the Folonis-designed Thornton Lofts in Venice ? It has looked done for many months now but it is all boarded up. What happened?"