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CurbedWire: Figueroa Street Dreaming

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DOWNTOWN: Every year, architecture/design/planning firm RTKL throws its Design Conference, an internal, firm-wide contest. Past conferences have addressed a student dormitory for the Maryland Institute College of Art and the redevelopment of Chicago’s Navy Pier. This year's theme for the contest was the Figueroa Corridor and nine teams from RTKL's global offices were asked to come up with ideas on improving the corridor from Figueroa past Staples Center (towards USC). The winner, announced today at the firm's Hope Street office, was the team from Shanghai for their "Park LA" idea.

Their design envisions an LA that is decidedly not car-centric. The idea is to have four "hubs" (one of the hubs is pictured above) that all connect via a circular park; the hubs would also have retail, restaurants, and mass transit spots. Angelenos would drive their cars to the hubs to park; hence the pun on words in the project's title. One of the judges mentioned that the project worked--and won--because it didn't just address the Figueroa, but provided a solution for the whole city.

And did we mention how cool this looks? More tomorrow on all the design entries. [Curbed Staff]