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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Mena Suvari and Jason Biggs Sell, P-Diddy Rents?

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It's not exactly clear when she sold it, but actress Mena Suvari listed her 2,442-square-foot three-bedroom Glyndon Avenue home in Venice for $1.795 million. And it was snatched up--purchased less than 45 days after being put on the market--despite the not entirely great photo job of the place. [Real Estalker]

"American Pie" actor Jason Biggs has sold his 1,930-square-foot house in the Hollywood Hills for $1.443 million. [Big Time Listings]

Who doesn't love themselves some good P-Diddy gossip. The latest: He is renting a $30,000/month home in the hills above West Hollywood. Notably, the home has two pools. Commenters, one of you must know this double pool home; cough up the info! [Real Estalker]
According to, the commenters at Real Estalker dug up the web site for the home purchased by actor Ryan Phillippe. It's listed here. Tough--Real Estalker calls it a "brutally bastardized Buff & Hensman."

The Playa Del Ray home of the late Dr. Donda West, the mom of singer Kanye West--who died last year after going in for plastic surgery--has been listed for $1.745 million. [Real Estalker]

Actor Paul Michael Glaser, who is in the midst of a divorce, listed his Agoura home for $2.424 million. The listing for the home is here.[LA Times]

Leonard B. Stern, a writer who created the “Mad Libs” game, sold his Beverly Hills home to a “The Sopranos” writer for $4.062 million. [Big Time Listings]

After listing their home, David Duchovny and wife Téa Leoni, have pulled it off the market. "When asked if the house was withdrawn because there's an offer, which is another distinct possibility, [the real estate agent] declined to comment further. Clever agents sometimes withdraw celebrity listings as a means to deflect attention. It's an easy way to thwart the nosy public." [LA Times]

Mike Malinin, who plays band in the Goo Goo Dolls, dropped $1.305 million for a Studio City home. The listing sheet is here. [Big Time Listings]

Former "Design On A Dime" host Kristine Cunningham has listed her Glen Holly Drive home in Pasadena for $1.25 million. [Real Estalker]