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ConstructionWatch: Glencoe Lofts in Marina Del Rey

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Glencoe Lofts, a new development in Marina Del Rey, is offering both rentals and sales units, and while the web site for the place lists some rentals ($3,200 for 1,370 interior/538 exterior square feet), nary a sales price is named. A call to the office also confirms that pricing hasn't been hammered out....Hmmm.

More via the web site: "A 40-foot bamboo curtain surrounds the building...landscaped courtyard...your reserved parking spaces...your own elevator – one of six – awaits to whisk you from the underground garage to your large open-air breezeway. With only four homes sharing an elevator, it’s like having your own private entrance." For those who never make it over to the neck of the woods, this is in an area called Glencoe Lofts, an odd pocket of retail (Sports Chalet, anyone?) and new residential development. Related: Last year, the LA Times had a story on how other developments would help decrease area traffic around the horrifically-crowded Lincoln Blvd and Washington area. UPDATED.
· Glencoe Lofts [Official Site]