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Destiny, Warner Center Discussed in the West Valley

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A reader (and a member of the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council), who attended Saturday's "Destiny of the West Valley" Community Forum, writes in with a cheery report of the event, a meeting which also discussed the Warner Center (Westfield's proposed massive mixed-use project; renderings above): "Over 300 people joined us and demonstrated a significant commitment to making Woodland Hills-Warner Center a great neighborhood. The day began with the usual questions about 311 and potholes but after the "Panel of Visionaries" had presented and after [Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky] had urged them to take charge of their neighborhood, we ended up with an auditorium of community leaders asking "What next, what next?"

"We are off and running on the Warner Center Specific Plan Update process. The NC has fought long and hard for a truly innovative SP and is now working with City Planning, City Leadership, the Warner Center Association and the Pat Smith Urban Design Team to engage the community and to set the standard for Urban Design innovation."

More via the Daily News: "The event was a jumping-off point for residents to get involved in the future revamping of Warner Center's specific plan, which outlines what will be built in the area. 'It is up to us. We must come together with a vision for the future,' Neighborhood Council Chairwoman Joyce Pearson told the standing-room-only crowd. Public workshops about the plan will be held in July and September."

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