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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

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Thank you to those of you participating in this week's game. We gave you a property for sale, and you tried to give us what you thought the listing price was. Now the answer to last Friday's WeHo, Oh WeHo...

Asking Price: $887,000
Listing: This charming WeHo duplex is described thusly: "Vintage West Hollywood duplex with modernist front and back outdoor living spaces by Katherine Spitz." Plus it's within walking distance of Target and Trader Joe's.

This week's award goes to guesser Gray#42 who guessed right (hmmmm). Registered user Sam Asher was only 1k above asking. Good job! The lot of you guessed an average of $65,686 above the actual listing price. More on Friday.
· 1153 Poinsettia Drive, West Hollywood, CA [Official Site]