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NeighborhoodWire: Downtown's Medallion to Santa Monica's Saint John's

It's not easy to keep up with all the construction happenings and neighborhood changes going on, so here's a round-up of photos; all these pictures were taken within the last week or so, but didn't make it onto the Curbed site. Join the Curbed LA Flickr pool if you want to contribute.

1. Work on downtown's Medallion project. Via Meekorouse.
2. Construction at Olympic Palace on Olympic. Via Atwater Village Newbie.
3 +4. Hot LADWP action. Construction of LADWP's Distribution Station No. 145 at 11131 West National Boulevard..
5. Handing out mylar balloons on graduation day in Echo Park. Enjoy them while you can.
6 +7. Soil testing and construction on the garage and library at Marlborough School, a private school in Windsor Square.
8. Construction on Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica. The building was apparently damaged in the Northridge earthquake and is still "rebuilding itself." Via Shishito

The Medallion

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