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On The Market: Schindler's Sachs Apartments in Silver Lake

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Why buy one overpriced condo in downtown, when you can buy 16 units in an architecturally significant building designed by Rudolph Schindler? The Sachs Apartments, also known as Manola Court, is for sale for the first time since 1959. From the listing: "like an ancient European hill town, Schindler steps the buildings up the hillside, and creates a sense of community by interconnecting living space with garden walkways. The unique character of the individual units is unified and tied together with extended window fascia, and abstract ornamentation that organizes the massing of the spaces, as well as accentuating the dynamic vertical thrust of the buildings. International recognition of this low density garden complex strengthens eligibility for possible historic monument designation." We're sort of surprised it's not already a historic monument. Asking price: $3 million.
1807 Edgecliffe Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90026 []