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Naked Venice LADY Identified; Gone

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[Photo: Los Angeles Times]

A follow-up on yesterday's post on the winds of change in Venice, and the accompanying photo of a near-nude woman who served as a visual reminder of the area's enduring weirdness. Well, maybe Whole Foods was the deathknell for Venice Beach funkiness—that naked lady no longer resides in town. After living for a bit in our city, 32-year-old Jen Moss, or Earth Friend Jen as she's often called, packed up for Ojai where she biked and roller-skated in pasties and hemp thong down the town's main drag. Which brings up another point: contrary to many comments, Jen is all woman. EFJ is actually now a resident of Ashland, Oregon after the Ojai townies chased her out. EFJ touts green-living; her latest adventure is attempting to rollerskate in Ashland's Fourth of July Parade blowing a conch shell while topless. We miss you, EFJ.
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