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RV Living Is A Good Time

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Following up on that thread about people living in RVs in Venice, a reader writes: "I live in an RV because I spend (with driving) 11hrs a day at work then the rest of the evening at a restaurant/bar. I can't justify (or afford) to pay $1100/mo just to close my eyes for 8-10hrs a night.

When I'm asleep, I cant tell if I'm in a RV or a Malibu Mansion! Some quick stats: Made $41,000 in 07. Took home: $26,000 Bills: 03 Harley, 99 Ranger, 72 RV, 98 Enduro, Vehicle Ins & Reg, Cell, Student Loan, Credit Card Interest, GAS, Food: Total Expenses: $20,170 Leaving $6230. Less $250/mo RV Parking. Gives me $3230/365=$8.85. I basically work for 9 bucks a day! Cut some of us RV'ers some slack!" But RVer person, where do you park in the city? [Curbed LA]