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New To Market: Scuba and Deer Heads In The Bird Streets

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This is confusing. Google this address--9191 Thrasher--and it appears that this home is available for rent, but then some sort of film company is also listed at this address. Or does it belong to an "entertainer?" No matter--look at that crazy old-timey scuba headgear! Or perhaps those are lanterns. Or elaborate cookie jars. More via the listing: "Architecture at the edge of luxury in the bird streets. Strikingly renovated and anonymously sited at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, this entertainer's trophy home opens to dynamic city views beyond the living area with 13' ceilings and an enormous terrace." Scuba and deer will cost you $12.85 million.
· 9191 Thrasher Avenue [Redfin]