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ConstructionWatch: Silver Lake's Auburn 7

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Let us now check in on the construction of Auburn 7, that collection of condo homes at 2748 Auburn Street in Silver Lake. New to the MLS, prices start in the $800,000s for 1,822 to 2,834 livable square feet, and despite the proximity to Edendale and a decent laundromat, that's not so cheap, no. The broker fills us in: "We've taken deposits on 3 of the homes, which is great considering they are still being built."

"We have solid interest in another 2 homes but all of the above mean nothing until we hand over keys. What's encouraging is that one of our buyers is an architect currently living in the Toy Lofts downtown. I feel good about that because of his training and discriminating tastes - speaks well for what we are doing. Our coo certificate will probably be pushed from July into August. Partly because the city requires new construction to contribute something to the area - they chose a street-light for us, and we are going thru approvals right now - we're trying to do something fun and green. See how that goes.

Other than that we're just marching forward, looking toward completion."