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WeHo Walgreens War Intensifies, Protest Tonight

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A mixed-use development with a Walgreens planned for the corner of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights is a traffic nightmare waiting to happen, says former WeHo city councilman Steve Martin (no, not that one) in a guest commentary published in the WeHo News.

Replacing a strip mall—best known for its Tasty Donuts tenant—in favor of 28 rental units (6 would be affordable) and street-facing retail, the development has raised major ire. Martin uses everything from building height to Walgreens' labor practices to a jab at Tijuana to trash the development. Project proponents tout a walkable pharmacy, neighborhood aesthetic improvements (one less strip mall), and traffic mitigation additions like a left-turn signal at Crescent. You can hear more of Martin's argument at an anti-development/stop Walgreens rally tonight at the corner of the proposed mixed-use. The WeHo neighbors group hating on the development now claim there are toxic materials underneath the site, so no open-toed shoes.
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