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New To Market: Wolf's Hollywood Lair for Sale

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Newly listed on the MLS is L. Milton Wolf's (1920's art director and Hollywoodland developer) castle near the Hollywood Reservoir. This eight-bedroom, six-bath replica Norman castle on Durand Drive also has a guest house designed by John Lautner, a heart-shaped pool and best of all - a speakeasy. What the listing neglects to mention is its Hollywood pedigree, secret tunnels and gibbon-friendly design. From the Just Above Sunset site: "Among the other former occupants: Debbie Reynolds. Efram Zimbalist Jr; Marlon Brando, and The Beatles. Supposedly, a tunnel leads from the main house to a secret apartment under the gatehouse, all the better for assignations with starlets. We know for sure that one of the building's miniature turrets was designed as a home for Wolf's pet gibbon." Bargain price (hey! it's a castle with secret tunnels and a place to house your monkey!): $7.5 million. [All photos are archival shots from 1958, courtesy of Nick DeWolf]
· 2869 Durand Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Redfin]
· Wolf's Lair [Just Above Sunset]

Wolf's Lair

2869 Durand Dr., Los Angeles, CA