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Ask Curbed: Illegal or Just Inconvenient?

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A Curbed reader emails a question about the little inconveniences that could lead to people or animals, or manimals, getting hit by cars. Is it legal? Is it fair? Shouldn't they stick some cones in the road to protect pedestrians? "I live on Crescent Heights, a little north of Melrose, and this weekend they started tearing up the sidewalk about a block from my house. I went to walk the dogs this morning and came across this stretch of sidewalk they are destroying, which was unfortunately unavoidable. The nearest crosswalk was half a mile away, and my house was about 200 ft beyond the obstruction. Whoever was doing the construction put up signs and yellow tape....but left no option but for me to walk into the street with 2 large dogs in order to get around the obstacle. Is that legal? Fortunately I walk the dogs early, but during rush hour I don't know when I would've had a break in traffic long enough to feel confident that I could get myself and the 2 dogs walking towards traffic and around the 20 feet of sidewalk they had blocked off. Anyone know? Your expertise is always appreciated!"
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