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TenTen Wilshire Comes With Monogrammed Towels

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TenTen Wilshire, originally designed as a condominium conversion project, but now a sort of corporate hotel, gets profiled in the Downtown News, which reports the 650 square foot-2,000 square feet apartments are geared towards out-of -own professionals and "Downtown-based entrepreneurs." The web site is also boasting some newer images than previously featured--check out the pool, won't you.

Among other things, the paper reports there will be the requisite pool, sauna, and gym, as well as "chauffeur service, 24-hour valet parking and a concierge." All that luxury comes at a price, of course: "$3,000 to more than $11,000 per month at the introductory rate, which will likely rise after the first six months. The trade-off is that apartments come equipped with towels and sheets emblazoned with the TenTen logo, flatware, cookware, televisions and even paintings on the walls." Those sheets better be high thread count.
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