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Know Your Ballot Initiatives—Propositions 98 and 99

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Tomorrow, California voters will be asked to decide on propositions 98 and 99. You may need a law degree to understand these props fully, but some say both measures are trojan horse initiatives, i.e. initiatives created to confuse voters and get them to vote a certain way. On the outset, 98 and 99 both claim to be against eminent-domain, the practice of government seizing private property for development (think Hollywood's under-construction W Hotel). Prop. 98 would protect all private property from eminent domain, while Prop. 99 would only protect single-family, owner-occupied homes (including condos), reports the Los Angeles Times. Another difference is that 98, while protecting more properties, would phase out rent control on apartments once rent-controlled tenants move out. Thoughts?
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