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CurbedWire: Sexy Silver Lake Beast, Brockman Sales Office Opening Pushed Back, Venice Rats

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SILVER LAKE: A shot of the previously mentioned sexy cybernetic beast at Silver Lake's design/architecture firm Materials & Applications. The thing was out Saturday evening and there was a show afterward; we left before the beast was supposed to broadcast Mexican films along either the walls of the design center or along the pavement. All courtesy of artist Giacomo Casagnola. [CurbedStaff]

DOWNTOWN: The sales office for the Brockman, that handsome 1921 Beaux Arts building at 530 W. Seventh, was supposed to open in June, but a sales rep says that it won't open now till July. Is this a sign of market conditions? NO, says the rep, noting the delay has to do with construction. [Curbed Staff]

VENICE: The Venice Neighborhood Council board may be the best reading around. Venice Resident: "I have been seeing all sorts of mice/rats around the houses and lofts near the farmer's market parking lot in Venice. I am not sure what they are exactly (mice, very big mice or rats!) So gross I can't look." Someone else assures her/him they are likely opossums.[VNC]