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LA Magazine Loves Downtown, Los Angeles Loves...Pink's

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Los Angeles magazine devotes their July cover to Downtown's resurgence, offering articles on nightlife impresario Cedd Moses; the Fashion District's Santee Alley; a blogger IM chat on restaurants; the shopping and real estate scene (including Barker Blocks and Molino Lofts); and a nicely-written first-person piece on downtown living by M.G. Lord. Also, the 64 greatest things in LA (contest? vote?) are narrowed down to 4: Amoeba, Capitol Records, The Weather, and... Pink's. Yes, Angelenos voted a hot dog stand as better than Chateau Marmont; The Hollywood Sign; KCRW; the Farmer's Market; the Venice Canals; Arclight, MOCA; Union Station, etc... UPDATE: As a reader points out, the list on is now down to two: Amoeba and The Weather. Thoughts?
· LA magazine [Official Site]