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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Koreatown's Dirt Lot, Hollywood Reservoir Hot Line, More

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Thank you for your participation this week. We loved, we laughed, we answered. Please feel free to email us at or leave a comment if you have an update or a new question. Digital pics are welcomed.

[Hollywood Reservoir via Metblogs flickr pool member echo29. We need pictures of the reservoir for the Curbed flickr pool, please!]

1) Mid City: You'll get your quality retail eventually Mid City. A commenter says the CIM project hit a snag (and no, it's not another leaning tower): "Midtown Crossing was delayed because the developer found an "unexpectedly" high water table. Mitigation will involve an additional $9 million in construction (deeper concrete pilings I believe). The city is going to pony up the money to keep the project moving."

2) Koreatown: A commenter reports the 3670 Wilshire property is currently in escrow with the buyer being another Korean company. We had last heard the previous developers were embroiled in a lawsuit and having loan troubles, posted from an article in the Sunday Journal USA from 2007. A reader translated the article for us here.

3) Westlake/MacArthur Park: No news on the Red Cross Building at Wilshire and Rampart, although we have reports of tagging.

4) Hollywood: The Hollywood Reservoir, like Runyon Canyon, has its very own telephone number. We called it. The reservoir man on the message machine said that as of March 28th portions of the reservoir continue to be closed for construction. If you desire to leave a get well message for the reservoir, you can call (323) 463-0830. Maybe they'll have an update soon.