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LA's a Hydrogen Town

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Ahead-of-the-curve Angelenos will be some of the first people to drive the Honda FCX Clarity, the world's first hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle, reports The New York Times. A film producer, Jamie Lee Curtis, and three other mystery souls are the first five Clarity owners, Honda announced Monday. The car—which produces zero emissions and runs by turning hydrogen and oxygen into electricity—will be offered first in southern California because—even though gas stations are dying in California—the state has been a leader in building hydrogen filling stations; one in West LA is opening later this month.Three local LA dealerships will be the first to start leasing the Clarity, which as of now is going for $600 a month. The price would be even more, but Honda is heavily subsidizing its customers. Related: The recent LA Times piece on celebs getting first dibs on the cars. [New York Times]