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If It's Online, It Must Be Real: Los Angeles Stadium Site Launches

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Cityfeet reports that the proposed Los Angeles Stadium in the City of Industry has launched its official online presence. Look! You can even sign up for ticket information. Good luck with that. The site combines the video fly-through, all the images we've seen before and some interesting project specifics. Also, there's this interesting blurb from the FAQ: "It is our understanding that the National Football League has no intention of expanding, but they do want to be in Los Angeles. State-of-the-art stadiums are required for teams to stay competitive in today’s NFL. We do not control what team will play in the new Los Angeles Stadium, but we do know it will be an existing team that needs to move because they cannot build a new stadium or financially they are not successful in their current market. We can not disclose which teams we are talking with."

· Total Square Acreage: 592
· Stadium (with Team Facilities): 75,000 Seats, including 11,000 Club seats and 175 Suites
· Office Buildings: 1.49 million sq ft
· Retail Shops: 833,000 sq ft
· Restaurants: 162,000 sq ft
· Live Theater: 5,000 seats (60,000 sq ft)
· Movie Theater: 1,200 seats (60,000 sq ft)
· Green and non-parking Open Space: 271 acres
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