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So Fuller Lofts Security Guard, How Much You Make?

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With great trepidation, we stopped by Fuller Lofts last weekend, worried that the building would be severely tagged up or burnt down. As readers will recall, this Pugh+Scarpa condo building (a conversion) was supposed to jump start this pocket of Lincoln Heights, but then its owners shut down. But look! Fuller is as clean and tidy as it ever was. Two security guards work there full-time. One had a little TV in his tent. "How much you get an hour?" we asked. "Better than blogging pays out?" He smiled, but wouldn't say. Meanwhile, Citibank is the process of foreclosing on the property (technically, it still belongs to owner Liveable Homes) so there's a possibility it could come up for sale soon. So, yes, you may be able to buy Fuller Lofts.
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