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Reader Rant: Garbage Rate Hike Tough On Singles

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A reader rant from a woman unhappy about that garbage collection rate hike (it pays for the city's police). She writes: "Just got a notice from the Dept. Of Public Works of the proposed rate hike to $36.32 per month for garbage collection. They propose this hike to go into effect on Sept. 1st. Ouch. I am a single girl living in a duplex. Because I live in a duplex I am charged as if it was a single family home. I literally have one small kitchen bag of garbage per week and a bit of recycling. I would be happy to throw it in my car and toss it at work and drop the recycling at a recycling center but the city won’t let me."

The family upstairs said that I have so little garbage that I could place it in their containers but the city says I have to have my own. I try to be very conscious about energy use so the sanitation charges every month are as much as my electric charges!

When I first moved in here it was $6.00 per month for sanitation. I know that gas, etc. has gone up and there would have to be some adjustments but this is just too much. Is it even worth going to the public hearing re: this or is that just something that they so kindly allow us to attend before they do whatever they want anyway?

I see this as yet another example of the people of Los Angeles taking it up the ass for the mismanagement of the city’s finances. Not unlike all the unnecessary extra red zones they have painted and all the additional miles of unnecessary street cleaning they are adding to collect more ticket revenue.Was hoping you could address this on the site."