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CurbedWire: Hanging Ski Boots in Hollywood; Culver City Development Talk, Dog Chipping

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HOLLYWOOD: A piece from the art show Life is Beautiful, which opens tonight. You can check out the report from someone who attended the preview show last night. Do not miss the tagged-up neighborhood painting. [Flickr user Svane]

CULVER CITY: Culver City may have the best events calender out there--it's tidy and organized. Given the debate over development, maybe this will interest area residents: "The Gateway Neighborhood Association invites Culver City residents to the fifth of six study sessions exploring issues of development in our city. We're meeting the last Tuesday of every month [the 24th] through July at Livingreen (10000 Culver Blvd.). This fifth session addresses Elements of the General Plan, review of which by the City is either underway or about to begin." Bonus: Area dogs get micro-chipped for free this Saturday. []