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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

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PriceSpotter's big reveal is a day late, but rainbowy. We gave you a property that is presently for sale, and you tried to give us what you thought the ASKING price was. Now the answer to Friday's University Park Victorian...

Listing Price: $659,000
Listing: This is a yo-yo priced property, having started at 689k then jumping to 698k, down to 675k on May 22nd and then down to the current price on June 7th. This Victorian home in the North University Park/West Adams area features 4 bedrooms, 2.25 baths and a lemon tree.

This week Gray commenter #39 miraculously nailed the price. CHEATER! We were happy to see all of you were thrown off by the niceness of the pictures. The lot of you guessed an average of $190,118 above the asking price. All of the outliers were disqualified. So why isn't this house selling?
· 1929 Park Grove Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007 [Natalie Neith]