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MAK/Hammer Lautner Tour: Awesomely Expensive

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It's no secret that architecture tours are one of the best ways to gain entrance into the privately-owned homes of the fabulously wealthy. It's pretty much the only way for the common folk to see these places, unless you're Kelly Lynch's gardener or something. So we look forward to the fundraising tours organized by institutions like the MAK Center, the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Resevoirs, and the LA Conservancy. So who wouldn't be excited to hear about an all-Lautner tour from the MAK and Hammer Museum, in conjunction with the Hammer's summer exhibit, Between Heaven and Earth: The Architecture of John Lautner? Well, if you're interested in the tour, you're going to need to pony up -- more than usual.

This year the tour costs $145 per person - which seems reasonable until you realize that only includes three houses. PLUS, to even buy your ticket, you'll need to become a Hammer member at the contributor level. That's another $125. So a couple interested in the tour will need to pay over $400 to see three homes (and both the Harpel House and Silvertop were on a MAK tour a couple of years ago). There's also the opportunity to tour just the Sheats/Goldstein Residence, for $55 a ticket. At these prices, we have to wonder just who is a big enough Lautner fan to spend that kind of scratch? [Photo gallery of Silvertop from MAK Tour, circa 2005]
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