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Schwarzenegger Vs. Shriver: Dueling Candidates, Dueling Signs

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We're going to avoid referencing Lincoln about a house divided against itself, and just say that dinnertime at the Brentwood home of our governor and first lady must be AWESOME these days. A few months ago, Schwarzenegger proclaimed his support for McCain's White House bid, while wifey threw down for Obama. Cut to Super Tuesday, when "the governor awoke to a lawn full of Obama signs. Seeking fair and balanced landscaping, he immediately called his aides to procure an equal number of McCain signs. (Perhaps not the easiest request on the day when the Republicans were looking to deliver the state to McCain. Also not one, under the circumstances, to be farmed out to the first lady's office.)" It seems the family is now down to one sign per candidate (pictured) and of all the kids, only one is legal voting age. And who is Katherine voting for? She's said to favor Obama. Shriver wins. Suck on that, Schwarzenegger.
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