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Las Lomas Lawsuit Follow-Up: Greig Smith Bitch Slaps Dan Palmer

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More on that Las Lomas Lawsuit we mentioned earlier. This is a great opportunity for some fight-to-the-death Thunderdome style action. "Two men enter, one man leaves." Councilman Greig Smith (CD12) sent out the following message via his email newsletter.

It is appalling that Mr. Palmer would sue the City after being denied by a super majority of the City Council. Palmer stands little chance of winning this lawsuit, yet because of self greed and personal financial gain he is perusing (sic) it. This means the City will now have to spend a lot of money defending this suit which should be used for Police and Fire services. The residents of this City should be outraged and Mr. Palmer should be ashamed. When any developer proposes a project they must assume all of the responsibility of financial risk. This was by far one of the most risky projects ever proposed and is not even in the City of Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles exercised its authority which is clearly expressed in the Charter.
This lawsuit was fully expected as Mr. Palmer is extremely litigious and has a history of using lawyers and lobbyist to try and get his way.
--- Councilman Greig Smith

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