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Rumblings & Bumblings: Updates on 3670 Wilshire, Hollywood Reservoir, More

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Hello. We have four questions this week. Please feel free to email us at if you have answers to these questions or maybe an update on a past question. We would also really appreciate digital pictures.

1) Mid City: Any updates on the Midtown Crossing project. "Anyone know what's up with the CIM Mid City project. I though there was supposed to be a Lowe's or Best Buy or something opening there later this year? As last weekend, it is still nothing more than a giant hole in the ground."

2) Koreatown: More dirty dirt afflicting LA. "Is construction ever going to start on 3670 Wilshire? [the site of the Hotel Emhurst -ed. nevermind, that's another project -ed.] Sick of looking at that sad dirt lot."

3) Westlake/MacArthur Park: A reader has a question in regards to the old Red Cross building on Wilshire & Rampart: "There seems to be something going on in the interior. They've replaced the glass doors (or maybe just painted over them) and it looks like they may be doing interior demolition. Is LAPD moving in? Any ideas? That building is beautiful. It just needs an owner or tenant. And maybe not as a police station."

4) Hollywood: This question pops up every six months or so. "Hollywood Reservoir, is it open? I'm trying to find out if the full perimeter is open for use."