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Our Sober Nightmare: Little Girl in Valley Loses Friends

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The North Valley Reporter's June 2008 edition (not online) discusses the latest scourge to afflict neighborhoods all over LA - the "sober living facility." A Valley family had one of the booze free joints pop up in the house next door, and hilarity most assuredly did not ensue.

"Tamir Dayan lives next door to a [sober living facility]. He says, "I just finished building my house in a quiet residential area so my daughters can safely play in the backyard. About 3 months ago, an SLF opened a rehab facility next door to me... Right now, they have between 13-20 people, plus a guardian. Since they moved in, we cannot enjoy our backyard... We do not allow our two little girls (three years old an one year old) to be in the backyard due to very heavy cigarette smoke and foul language. Some parents have even canceled play dates with my little girl because of this." Two bills coming out of the State Legislature, SB 992 and AB 724, would regulate the homes, demanding they maintain documentation of services and allowing cities to use "their police powers" to regulate the facilities. But who will introduce a bill to make sure a little girl will have friends? Who, we ask!
· SB992: Substance abuse: adult recovery maintenance facilities. []
· AB724: Sober living homes []