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BuildingSpotter: Boarded Up Eyesore on Franklin

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A reader is curious about an ugly, boarded up structure in Hollywood. Yeah, we know, there's lots of them, but specifically the one at 7070 Franklin Avenue.

"I lived across Franklin from this horrible piece of yuck apartment complex for ten years. It's a big, ugly apartment building that has been empty since the '94 quake. It is located on Franklin between El Cerrito and Sycamore, across from Outpost. It has broken windows, razor wire, graffiti and lots of half dead shrubs. There is an empty pool and some old cars out back. Oddly enough, one dude still lives on the first floor, although he seems to get his water from a spigot outside. The cops are usually kicking out sketchy randoms, and recently there was a fire. But that dude still lives on the first floor. To make it even more interesting, there used to be a boarded up, creepy as hell Craftsman/Homeless Hotel next door that burned down. And guess what? The apartment building is called Fireside Manor! Yes, indeed."
Anyway, I was hoping someone could tell me what the deal is with this place. I've investigated and found out nothing, and also got yelled at by the creepy guy a few times. It seems like a valuable piece of property, and I wonder how long something like that can sit there until someone is forced to do something about it. I moved to Silver Lake to escape the incredible suck of creepiness, but I am still intrigued.
Feedback in the comments, please! Or if you would like to buy the building, please talk to the creepy man living there.

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