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In the Future We Will Live in Gas Stations

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Given the imminent extinction of gas stations and the lack of affordable housing, the ExxonMobile Home truly is a no-brainer. One downside: Living in a place that brings back memories of the big grimy bathroom key.

Via the Exxon Mobile Home site:

Many economists and petroleum industry analysts have come to the conclusion that we are entering an age of "peak oil" production - the point where petroleum production enters an irreversible downturn. While there's much debate as to exactly when global producers will reach this milestone, it is an inevitability with which society must contend.

Such proactive mitigation is one part of the overall solution. However, this unprecedented transition is yielding additional opportunities for private corporations and municipal planning agencies alike. Smart growth practices initiated in the last decade are reducing commute times in urban centers throughout the United States and elsewhere, reducing energy consumption and increasing quality of life.

Enter MobilHome™, a joint venture between private and public interests, dedicated to reclaiming urban and suburban infrastructure for common benefit. Within the next three years, just over 17% of soon-to-be relinquished corporate-owned gas stations will be used in a pilot program for a new model in sustainable living.

In the conversion of filling stations to live/work residences, MobilHome™ will couple the efficiencies of manufactured housing processes with the economic benefit of pre-existing structures. MobilHome™ is employing more than just another adaptive-reuse scenario - with 375 sites distributed throughout the continental United States, MobilHome™ will do this at a scale unprecedented in post-industrial urban development.

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