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Language Difficulties in Echo Park, Road Rage Ensues

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Sure, it's a total bitch when someone parks so close to the start of your driveway that turning in to it is difficult. Three angry notes were left on this car in Echo Park. Judging from the anger levels, the one on the rear window (note #3) arrived first, following by an angrier letter (note #2). The last note (#1) seems to be a quizzical plea meant to find out if this car owner can read. But gotta point out: Does the person who left the note speak English? Behave? Full blogger translation after jump. Meanwhile, the next day the car was parked on the other side of the street.


A. Do you speak English?

B. If so, please give us enough space for moving in + out our cars.

C. Please understanding and considerate.

Note: Very Stubborn! Remove your car in the proper place. Stupid!

Note on back: If you are the owner, please park properly. Give enough space (???) for In In (???) out our cars. Please do understand and behave. Please!