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CurbedWire: Venice's Lincoln Blvd Changes, Mural and Theater Threatened in Palms

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VENICE: OK, the parking lot in the under-construction Whole Foods on Lincoln is a funky place with some colorful characters. Even with the construction and the security guards, we may have witnessed some illegal activity involving a Volkswagon and a young gentleman when we stopped by on Sunday. Keeping mum, though. Here's the latest construction shot. [CurbedStaff]

PALMS: From another edition of the always-excellent Palms-Village Sun: "A committee of the Palms Neighborhood Council is examining a plan by developers to raze the Culver Plaza Theater building at Washington and Dunn Drive and erect a new structure in its place." Alas, it's not clear what that new structure is, but the mural, courtesy of the publication, is after the jump. [Palms-Village]