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Pasadena Gehry Detractors Holding Strong Lead

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Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times covered the furor over the Pasadena Art Center College of Design's planned $50 million building by architect Frank Gehry; at issue is whether college president Richard Koshalek's plans for the school's expansion are bypassing more pressing matters (i.e., focusing on "scholarships and instruction"). Poor Gehry, always the drama.

Via the paper: "The Gehry building -- a combination library and high-tech design studio complex -- would be built on the main campus, where the existing facilities are strung along the hillside in a long, bridge-like structure by Modernist architect Craig Ellwood." An online petition against the project has been launched, as has a petition in support of the building. Current signature score: For Gehry: 282 Against Gehry: 1,137. A supporter of the Gehry project emailed Curbed: "I personally believe that in order for Art Center to remain competitive, the college must expand its facilities, or risk becoming irrelevant. The DRC [Gehry designed Design Research Center] is a crucial component of the master plan."

Meanwhile, the last time we checked in on the building, the neighbors were howling about how the project would increase traffic. [Credit: Photographer Steve Heller]
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