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WEHO's Tasty Donuts Project Halted Due to Toxicity

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Ack! We're spitting out toxic tasty donuts as we type. West Hollywood neighbors have thrown a monkey wrench into the proposed Walgreen's Mixed-Use project, known as SMB28, proposed for the site of the strip mall just west of Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent Heights. The WEHO News reports that the WEHO Planning Commission postponed its hearing on the project due to a recently unearthed toxicity study which may force the developer to prepare a full Environmental Impact Report.

WeHo Neighbors, an ad hoc group of citizens bent on forcing that EIR, uncovered previously undisclosed toxicity level study that shows increased levels of perchloroethylene, or PCE, under the site. The source of that subterranean toxic bloom sits across Crescent Heights Boulevard from the proposed 28-unit apartment/Walgreens project at Four Seasons dry cleaners, 8042 Santa Monica Boulevard. For those who want even more info on the controversy, you can visit the blog of the WeHo Neighbors group - nowalgreens.
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