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Retailers Flee Miracle Mile, Wilshire Skyline Coming?

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"We're moving because a new building is coming." That's what the owner of a tae kwon do spot at the corner of Wilshire and La Jolla told us this week; we're assuming this means the arrival of the Wilshire Skyline, a 17-story residential and retail tower, is imminent. In a July 2007 Rumblings post, a reader said construction would begin in summer 2008; today, nearly all of the one-story businesses--including an Italian restaurant, a psychic, and the self-defense studio--that currently occupy the space are closed. The developer's website says to expect a 2011 finish on the tower, which will have four levels of parking (one subterranean), one level of retail, and 13 levels of luxury apartments. Strangely, the defunct psychic place had a months-old notice of abandonment posted on its front door; maybe the crystal ball had ominous warnings of concrete and steel.
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