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Pre-Game Ritz-Carlton Party Report: Downtown, Meet Mr. Thicke

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Reader LAKERS FAN filed a dispatch from last night's pre-game party at the Ritz-Carlton Residences sales office. As noted yesterday, the development sales office is wisely taking advantage of its proximity to Staples Center. Writes LF: "Plenty of free booze, snacks and chocolates for the 1st hour. I was not bombarded with material and had a great time. About 100 people there. When the game started we were escorted to the Doheny Lounge. The Doheny Lounge, which is a private bar in downtown LA, was not ready for the crowd. I ordered my girlfriend a "purple heart" and was charged a whopping $20." Key notes: 5K to be a member at the Doheny lounge. Ritz: $1.3 mil for 1,000 sqft and 2k for HOAs. Alan Thicke bought a penthouse." Wait, $20 bucks for a drink?
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