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CurbedWire: Dan The Miner News, Viridian Rental Prices, Illegal Beef Downtown

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[Dan's former home]

CARTHAY CIRCLE: Where be poor, halved Dan? TIME magazine, for a story about copper theft, provides an update: "The men charged with cutting Dan in two are about to go on trial, and the residents of Carthay Circle are preparing for the miner's return from art restorers. "We need to figure out a way to keep him safe," says Judy Moore, [neighborhood president]. "We're thinking about putting a GPS chip in him." [Time]

MIRACLE MILE: A reader also is talking about Viridian, mentioned earlier today. "I just noticed that Viridian LA, the new apartment building in Miracle Mile, finally posted prices on its website. The least expensive floor plan I could find was around $4k, with the biggest unit advertised at $9,999/month! I'd be interested to see what other Curbed readers have to say about the rents. I'm wondering if it's going to enable the other apartment complexes in the area, including its neighbor under construction, 5600 Wilshire, to charge more." [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: A reader would like to hire a local tagger--is one available? "I've noticed that the illegal LAOutdoor billboard in downtown LA off the 110 now sports a 100% Beef ad from McDonalds. I've called their corporate customer number to let them know my concern with them supporting blight in the area but can we get the local taggers to change the wording to refer to their product as '100% Blight' instead of Beef?
Can't our lame city attorney do something about this?" [Curbed InBox]