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Pool Season: Roosevelt's Pool Holds Water

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Dan Parker at the Loft LA message board posts a pic of the roof of the Roosevelt Lofts where work continues on the pool and penthouses. And as for an opening date? Loft LA commenter movingdowntown hears the following from the Roosevelt powers that be: "Still saying fully open by end of August. Still planning on first 5 floors opening first (didn't ask for a date, sorry), through 8th floor shortly after, and 9+ by the end of August..." The Roosevelt site includes a video fly-through of the rooftop pool, complete with shooting flames and a lit up downtown backdrop. Perhaps we'll have dueling pool openings in August? Roosevelt's gonna eat your biscuits. [image updated to reflect the correct location of the Pegasus, out of view]
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Roosevelt Lofts

727 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles, CA

Biscuit Lofts

1850 Industrial St., Los Angeles, CA