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What A Pro-Mylar Balloon Rally Looks Like

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About 100-150 people showed up yesterday at Pasadena's Memorial Park for a rally to protest the possible ban on mylar balloons. Yes, it's a big issue in our state right now: Senator Jack Scott says these foiled devils cause power outages (there was a reported outage even last night) and wants to make it illegal to sell the helium-filled mylar balloons. Claiming it's an $100 million industry in California, the balloon industry says mom and pop stores will be most affected by the ban. The highlight of the afternoon: A girl who looked to be about seven years old took the microphone and announced: “Jack Scott is an SOB.” Lots of cheers from the crowd. More info in the gallery; San Gabriel Valley Tribune also has a report.

Like illegal fireworks: One attendee said some vendors would continue to sell the balloon--just illegally-- if the ban was enacted.

How much?: Throw in all the flowers, chocolates, coffee mugs that are sold with the mylar balloons (legally, the balloons have to be "weighted" and those items are often used to weight the suckers) and it could be as much as a $1 billion industry, said Pete McDonough, a spokesman for the Balloon Council. Yes, $1 billion.

Weenie Dog Twisters Worried: "We figure we're next." That's "Buster Balloon" (featured in the gallery), talking about a possible ban on latex balloons. The balloons are already banned in some places, like hospitals, and there's worry legislators will go after the latex balloons next. Plus, the financial fall-out from the possible mylar ban (most places sell both), will ultimately affect the latex balloon industry, he said.
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