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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: UHAP + Kobe

Thanks for getting us the info we requested. If you have stuff for next week, please email us at We like getting pictures, too. Merci.

[The proposed retail portion at Solair Wilshire]

1) Koreatown: From the depths of our email archives we were able to partly answer the question regarding the proposed retail in the structure near the Solair Wilshire. It appears you will now have access to a hair salon, a bank and something called UHAP, which may be the Korean version of IHOP.

2) Downtown: It wasn't as big a secret as we were lead to believe. Several of you spotted the location of the Kobe Bryant viral marketing video on YouTube. Via reader R.G.: "Parking Garage adjacent to the LA Athletic Club on 7th and Olive. Kobe and Co. were at the club most of the day. They took video on the 7th floor basketball court as well."