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Ask Curbed: How to Make My Street Permit Parking Only?

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Permit parking is terrible. But that's only our personal bias. We suppose it must work for some people. This reader wants to wield the parking privilege to get parking for residents only in his neighborhood.

"I've got a question for Curbed. I live on a small cul de sac in Mid-City and, like most neighborhoods, there's no parking on street cleaning days. Right next door is a massive elementary school/ pre-k complex and a large park and rec center across the street. The school employees, parents and park goers always take our spots and some of us were wondering how to ask the city to make it permit parking? Just up the street there is another cul de sac street that has permit only parking so it definitively can be done for small stretches of street. Any thoughts?" · Ask Curbed: Can I Break a Lease Because of Leakage? [Curbed LA]