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Reader Rant: Is the Antelope Valley Permanently Screwed?

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Arghh. Is this really Southern California? A fragile Curbed reader from the AV sends a cry for help and a warning to stay away. We're not sure if this is an Ask Curbed or a Reader Rant. Consider it both.

"I live in the Antelope Valley right now. Being a young person (22 today), the biggest accomplishment for people in my age bracket is moving from the Antelope Valley. Doesn't matter if you are going to school, got a job, just getting out of here. I am one of these people too, I had an opportunity to move, but then I found out my aunt lives in South LA, the bad one. So I'm staying out here with the rest of these bozos. With our rising foreclosure rate, increasing riff-raff of Section 8 recipients, a corrupt mayor in Lancaster (R. Rex Parris), and an area that is ruled by the obviously center-right newspaper (Antelope Valley Press), why would any young person that is not in aerospace want to live out here? Hell, the Friday entertainment section in the newspaper had a calendar for things to do, eight of those events were in the AV, the remaining twenty-two were in the LA area. We have a community college, which does have graduates and decent programs, but it is more of a mill for 2 year transfers and Sheriff training... I just want to leave this place already." Thank you for the email. Let us never talk of the AV again.
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