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ListingsWire: Mayor's Neighbor Can't Sell, New in Northridge, Los Feliz Sale

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Each week ListingsWire mentions notable movements on the MLS: New listings, price chops, flips, and more. Spy movement? Email us.

WINDSOR SQUARE: There was some big excitement when the home immediately next to the residence of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa went on the market last year for $2.995 million. It's a five-bedroom at 617 S Irving Blvd, but it's not selling. After a chop in January, it got whacked again yesterday and is now down to $2.495 million. [Redfin]

NORTHRIDGE: For those craving a nice, comfortable home in Northridge, please direct your attention to this gem. it's the kind of place that requires owning a good cocktail shaker. A five-bedroom located at 17179 Citronia Street, it's listed at $849,000. "Incredible opportunity to live in Patrician Estates, the most elegant homes built in this incredible Northridge area!" [Redfin]

LOS FELIZ: It's all about sale price, not listed price, right? So remember that lovely blue Los Feliz home that was featured in an open house last fall? Of course you don't. It's this top one. It was listed at $1.279 million. Official site is still up. Anyhoo, some commenters ripped it apart, saying it shouldn't go for more than $700,000 or so. Also, it had an interesting floor plan: the upstairs was the downstairs and vice versa. It looks like it sold two weeks ago for $1.099 million. [Redfin]
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