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Rabid With Thirst

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The Griffith Park, Interrupted blog reminds us of the forgotten victims of the draining of Silver Lake Reservoir. Not the ducks, nor the herons, or the joggers. We're talking bats. Crazy, thirsty bats. Responding to this article from the LA Times about a rabid bat found in Griffith Park, the blogger connects the drained lake (and loss of drinking hole) with the dead bat. "Many bats can’t drink unless they have fairly substantial “swoop” zones — open bodies of water that allow them to drink in flight, Tuttle said. Reservoirs and swimming pools can draw bats because they make good open-water drinking sites... The bat’s last thoughts were probably similar to mine: Please, God, don’t let me die alone in the picnic area of Griffith Park." [Griffith Park, Interrupted]