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WUF Awards Handed Out: Good Development Recognized

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The Westside Urban Forum held its annual Awards ceremony last Friday, handing out a slew of awards to local development in a variety of categories - infill, educational, transit oriented and urban solutions. (full disclosure, we participated in the jury panel -ed). Among the winners were Curbed favorites, including Lorcan O'Herlihy's Tasty Donuts project in WeHo (aka SMB28) and the Santa Monica Village project known for its unbearable Hong Kong-ian density. Other projects getting the nod included the Tom Gilmore tower in the Historic Core, the Santa Monica Airport park, and a Michael Folonis designed mixed-use project in Santa Monica. All the pretty renderings and pictures are in our gallery, above. Click away...
· Johnson Fain Founders Win Gold Medal For Shiny Downtown Tower, Other Projects [Curbed LA]
· Santa Monica Airport Park [ah be]
· 7th Street Apartments [Michael W. Folonis]